Each gemstone is natural and beautiful in its own unique way.
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Should you have a request for a special colour/shape, please email beaddynasty@gmail.com
Amazonite - 4
W325/$6.50 Each
Amazonite Dark - 2
W325/$6.50 Each
Amazonite Light - 2
W375/$7.50 Each
Amazonite Medium
W275/$5.50 Each
W220/$4.40 Each
Amethyst - 1
W350/$7.00 Each
Amethyst Small - 4
W230/$4.60 Each
Amethyst Light - 1
W375/$7.50 Each
Amethyst Chevron - 4
W315/$6.30 Each
W135/$2.70 Each
Apatite - 3
W365/$7.30 Each
W215/$4.30 Each
Aquamarine Teardrop - 1
W350/$7.00 Each
Aquamarine Thick
W325/$6.50 Each
Aquamarine Barrels Faceted
W120/$2.40 Each
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