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Connector - 4 Row
W190/$2.50 for 2
Connector - 3 Row
W180/$2.40 for 2
Crystal Connector
W205/$2.70 for 2
Round Link  20mm
W180/$2.40 for 2
Round Link 15.5 mm
W120/$2.40 for 6
Rhombus Connector Golden
19x14 mm
W170/$3.40 for 4
Quatrefoil Connector
W145/$1.90 for 2
2 Hole Connector
14x11x4 mm
W190/$3.80 for 4
Oval Link
21x10.5 mm
W170/$3.40 for 4
Three Circle Connector
W135/$1.80 Each
Fancy Link
W205/$2.70 for 2
Flower Link
W070/$1.40 for 4
Geometric Link
W060/$1.20 for 2
Cross Connector Curved Golden
24.5x11.5 mm
W180/$3.60 Each
Cross Link
24.5x11.5 mm
W145/$1.90 Each
Butterfly Connector Golden
16x13 mm
W150/$3.00 Each
Butterfly Connector
W120/$2.40 Each
Butterfly Puffed Link
W115/$2.30 Each
W195/$2.60 Each
Dragonfly Connector
W055/$1.10 Each
Faith Connector
W120/$2.40 for 3
Hope Connector
W120/$2.40 for 3
Love Connector
W120/$2.40 for 3
Infinity Gold
17x6 mm
W110/$2.20 Each
Infinity Small 17x6 mm
17x6 mm
W210/$4.20 for 2
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